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6/11/17 Meet Mercedes

5/14/17 Mothering the Community
4/09/17 Raise your hand to get connected
3/12/17 Young Leaders Society: 10 years of Driving Change
2/12/17 Guest Column by Tom Bundros "Working Together Leads to Success"

12/11/16 The Season of Giving
11/13/16 Kim Harper Making A Difference
10/9/16 Sandee Fighting For All Children
10/5/16: Guest Column by Tom Bundros "Helping My Fellow Man"
9/11/16: Tom Bundros Joins Legacy of United Way Campaign Chairs
7/10/16: Great Things Happen When . . .
6/12/16: Daniel is Doing Great Things
Let’s Mother Each Other and Improve the Community!
4/10/16: Women Dare to Dream
3/13/16: Home to the Most Generous People
2/14/16: Meet Karen Townsend and Our New United Way Board Members
1/10/16: Keeping people healthy

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The Daily Citizen News
6/22/2017 United Way's goLead Program
5/3/2017 Florida Soccer Coach Speaks at Women's Leadership Event
3/12/2017 United Way Annual Meeting -Great Things Happened!
3/8/2017 United Way Annual Meeting
2/2/17 United Way Raises $3.8 Million
1/14/17 Karen Townsend Citizen of the Week
1/8/17 Be The Change
1/4/17 Elbert Shaw Memorial Scholarship
12/19/16 Dalton Middle School Presents Check to United Way
12/7/16 Bradley Wellness Center's Toy Drive Supports United Way
10/30/16 Celebrating 17 years of Make A Difference Day
10/20/16 Help make a difference
10/15/16 Michelle Hurley: Citizen of the week!
10/9/16  Shaw continued...
10/9/16  Shaw donates more than $100,000 worth of time
10/9/16  Nearing Goal
10/2/16  Winner, Winner
9/13/16: Campaign Kickoff
9/12/16: Our View
9/11/16: Kickoff Newspaper Ad
8/19/16: Young Leaders host Lip Sync Battle
8/5/16: People who Give Back
8/5/16: United Way Funds DAP
8/4/16: Trike Racers of Shaw
8/2/16: Letter to the Editor - Shaw Summer of Service
7/12/16: Local Teens Complete Leadership Program
6/28/16: Dalton State Hosts YLS Lunch with Leaders
6/23/16: Wells Fago invests in Safe Homes via United Way
5/14/16: Engineered Floors Partners with United Way to Develop Community Gardens
4/13/16: An Alternative Spring Break
3/25/16: The Cause that Unites Corporations
3/17/16: United Way Recognizes Game Changers
1/22/16: Take a Bow, Dalton
1/17/2016: Game Changers Raise $3.75M  for United Way Campaign

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10/15/2015: Haz la diferencia, sirve a tu comunidad

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