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11/13/17 Meet United Way's Community Solutions Volunteers!
10/09/17 Volunteers Are a Community Asset
9/10/17 Legacy of Leadership: Meet Joe Young 
8/13/17: United Way University
7/16/17: What is a Legacy? Meet Matthew Moore
6/11/17: Meet Mercedes 
5/14/17: Mothering the Community
4/09/17: Raise Your Hand to Get Connected

3/12/17: Young Leader's Society: 10 Years to Driving Change
2/12/17: Guest Column by Tom Bundros "Working Together Leads to Success"
1/8/17: Be The Change


12/11/16 The Season of Giving
11/13/16 Kim Harper Making A Difference
10/9/16 Sandee Fighting For All Children
10/5/16: Guest Column by Tom Bundros "Helping My Fellow Man"
9/11/16: Tom Bundros Joins Legacy of United Way Campaign Chairs
7/10/16: Great Things Happen When . . .
6/12/16: Daniel is Doing Great Things
Let’s Mother Each Other and Improve the Community!
4/10/16: Women Dare to Dream
3/13/16: Home to the Most Generous People
2/14/16: Meet Karen Townsend and Our New United Way Board Members
1/10/16: Keeping people healthy

12/13/15: Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season
11/29/15: 20 Ways your United Way Gift is at Work
10/11/15: Legacy of Philanthropy
8/9/15: Building blocks of successful teens
4/12/15: Women Impacting Our Community
3/8/15: Meet JT Finley
2/22/15: Meet Bob Ringer and the New United Way Board
1/11/15: Shelter and second chances

12/14/14: Five things for which I'm grateful for (Guest post by Brenda Knowles)
11/9/14: Meet Brian Anderson
10/12/14: Pushing towards our goal
9/14/14: Be a Game Changer!
8/10/14: Jose & Joey: A Game-Changer
6/8/14: A Game Changer for Daniel
3/16/14: Reflecting on a successful campaign
3/9/14: Another successful campaign
2/23/14: Meet Superwoman Celeste Creswell
1/12/14: Filling the gaps in health

11/24/13: 9 Thank Yous
10/13/13: Everyday Heros Filling Gaps
8/18/13 Filling the Gaps in Education
6/16/13 United Way Helps Dads
3/24/13 Community Provides the Power of We