Lip Sync Battle Registration Form

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Friday, August 24, 2018 - Lip Sync Battle - "Lip-Sync Fever" has infiltrated Dalton! Join the Young Leaders Society for our 3rd annual Lip Sync Battle at Crescent City Tavern on Friday, Aug. 24 starting at 7:00 p.m.


If competing in the Lip Sync Battle you must register below by Thursday, August 16th.  The Young Leaders Society will provide the song via iTunes so specify the song and artist below.

The competition will be judged in these categories:

A. Lip Sync Abilities: How well the performer(s) lip-sync the lyrics of the song.

B. Creativity: How original and creative the performance is. Instead of just standing on stage and lip-syncing a song use props, choreography, costumes and/or other ideas that will generate a crowd response. Be creative!

C. Stage Presence & Choreography: Again, don’t just stand there! Engage the audience, dance, smile, make eye contact with the’re a STAR ---have fun!

Each category will be worth 15 points each. In case of a tie, the act with the highest lip sync score will win. The judges’ decisions are final.

A prize will be awarded to the winner!