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Meet Kevin

Kevin is a participant at Murray County Developmental Center where he participates in Community Access Group and receives prevocational services.

Kevin is very self-motivated and takes pride in the work that he does. 


While at MCDC, Kevin is employed to do cleaning jobs.

He loves helping make MCDC a clean and organized place for everyone to enjoy coming to.

Kevin also began 2019 with a job at Ingles working a couple of afternoons a week. He desired more hours, and with the help of MCDC, he applied for a job at Shaw's Plant 3 Testing Center.

The job involves walking on samples of carpet, and other types of floor coverings to test the endurance of the flooring. 


Kevin was hired permanently at Shaw at the beginning of 2020.

He now works 28-35 hours a week. He received a raise, along with benefits.

MCDC continues to support Kevin and provides transportation for him to and from work.

Kevin loves his job at Shaw and hopes to continue working so that he can save money and one-day purchase land to build a home for himself.