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Meet Mike

Mike Cady is a fireman for the City of Dalton Fire Department where he has served for 26 years.  

He was one of the firefighters who responded and was on the scene at Keiri Suárez's car accident.

Read Keiri’s Story here.

Because of the connections through United Way’s Volunteer Center, Station #2 of the Dalton Fire Department was able to provide some of their firemen, including Mike, to volunteer with United Way Community Partner, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dalton, to complete the car port for Keiri’s driveway.


City of Dalton Fire Dept United Way volunteers and Habitat for Humanity contractors in front of the car port


We had the opportunity to ask Mike a few questions about his involvement with Keiri’s accident and how United Way opened the door to further help Keiri.


What’s the impact this United Way project has had on you?

“A lot of us at the fire department have kids the same age, so it really hits home. We hadn’t heard much about how she was doing until a few months ago when we were invited to her birthday party. It’s definitely such an unfortunate circumstance and, as a first responder, you tend to see many of those. We are so heartbroken for the family and everything they’ve had to go through, but we are happy where she’s at right now. We just want to help in any way we can.”


How does it feel to be working on this particular project, since you were there at Keiri’s  accident?

“It feels really good. All these guys are really good to work with. They’re all about helping people and it’s really a brotherhood that pays forward. We appreciate getting the chance to do this project, especially for Keiri.”



 As mentioned in Mike’s response above, the group of firefighters that helped Keiri during the accident were invited to see Keiri for her 20th birthday this year.

 United Way has been a part of creating a special bond between Keiri and Mike.


Even though it took unfortunate circumstances for Keiri and Mike to meet, United Way has facilitated a volunteer opportunity that gives both Mike and Keiri a positive shared memory.