Our Impact Report

When we think of our local community, one word that comes to mind is: connection. Whether someone has grown up in this community or just moved here; the connection and a true sense of comradery are unmistakable. This fellowship among neighbors gives us a unique opportunity to truly make a difference in people’s lives when they are in a time of need. Over the last couple of years, the effects of the pandemic have put this community’s ability to stay connected to the test. However, it never ceases to amaze us how this community rallies in the face of adversity and continues to prioritize the growing needs of those in Whitfield and Murray counties. Even when we couldn’t have that physical connection, our business leaders and volunteers were able to find ways to make sure the greatest needs in our community were met.

“I am blessed to follow in the footsteps of many great board chairs, leaders, and volunteers who have helped develop the United Way of Northwest Georgia that we see today,” stated Hair. Businesses in our community are still thriving, people are relocating to our local industry headquarters, and capital projects are underway. However, the education gaps, basic needs, and health concerns of our friends, co-workers, and neighbors are continuing to grow. In many cases, these needs are evolving with the times. United Way, in conjunction with our Community Partners, is committed to seeking out where the greatest needs are and allocating additional funds for areas that are underserved locally. We look forward to creating some new and exciting programs that will address the rise in need for more mental health resources for both adults and children, literacy programming to ensure kids are ready for school and reading at grade level, homeless prevention, workforce development, and much more. 

Connecting people in need with people who can help – this is our core business. At United Way, we fight for the education, basic needs, and health of every person in Whitfield and Murray counties. For almost 80 years, we have invested in long-term solutions to our community’s greatest challenges. Until every need is met, there is still work to be done. One of the many things we love about United Way is the commitment to offering individuals and families a “hand up,” not a “hand out.” We want to inspire meaningful change in people’s lives to make our community a better place. 

United Way always answers the call to action, in something as simple as placing more books in our Little Free Libraries or something as big as raising $4.125 million for those in need. Curious to know more about what we do or how we put your dollars into action within our local community? View our Annual Impact Report below.

With gratitude,

BOD circle- Amanda

Amanda Burt, President

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Landon Hair, 2022 Board Chair

A Stronger, Healthier Community


Mission Statement

Improving Lives. Inspiring Donors. Uniting Community.

Vision Statement

To be the preferred organization investing in education, basic needs, and health in our community.


What We Do


United Way of Northwest Georgia is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving Northwest Georgia. We work every day to advance the common good by investing in high-quality human service programs and by working with philanthropists, businesses, churches, local governments, and dedicated community volunteers to create lasting and measurable changes. United Way creates opportunities for all by focusing on the building blocks for a good life: Education, Basic Needs, and Health. United Way of Northwest Georgia brings together people and resources to tackle complex issues and drive sustainable positive change to help our community thrive.

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Community Partners


United Way focuses on the building blocks of a good life: education, basic needs, and health. We all win when a child succeeds in school, when families are financially stable, and when people have good health.

When you give to United Way of Northwest Georgia, you can have the confidence that your gift will be used where it’s truly needed. Your donation stays right here in Whitfield and Murray Counties and supports local agencies.

Community Investment


We have a mission to unite people and resources within our community.


The Community Solutions Committee is comprised of local volunteers who serve on one of six panels that represent all of United Way’s key focus areas in Education, Basic Needs, and Health. The panels strategically group United Way’s Community Partners into these categories: Day Services for Children, Mentoring Services, Abuse Prevention and Intervention, Specific Health Needs, Basic Needs, and Day Services for Adults.

Impact Stories


Click the pictures to read more about each of our Impact Stories.

What Your Money Does


Thanks to you and your generosity we met our campaign goal for the 2021 year of $4.125 million. Every person whose life we change will go on to change the lives of countless children, families, and communities. When we work together - pooling our resources, time, and energy - our community impact grows exponentially to create a future where everyone can thrive. Let's do MORE, together. You can have confidence in your gift going to the most immediate needs within our local community. 

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Resource Allocation


With a variety of different revenue streams, we make sure that each dollar counts and is put towards making direct impact in our community. Your donations, along with other financial support, enables us to create and invest in innovative solutions. Take a look at at our campaign, endowment and investment draws, and earned and other income totals.

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Members in Giving Societies

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Alexis De Tocqueville + Leadership Donors

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Total Donors

Volunteerism and Engagement


Volunteerism and engagement are at the root of all the work we do at United Way of Northwest Georgia and comes in all shapes and sizes. With thousands of volunteer opportunities happening every year, we mobilize the members of our community to find opportunities that fit their needs.

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Our 2022 Campaign Co-Chairs,

Piet and Julian Dossche

More Ways to Get Involved

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