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What Will You Do With Your Extra Daylight?

Hooray for Daylight Saving Time!


Spring is around the corner and now, we have an extra hour of daylight in the evenings!


So, that begs the question: What should we do with the extra daylight? Don’t worry we’ve come up with a few ideas to keep you busy!


Here are 6 ways to take advantage of your daylight for Daylight Saving Time!




Enjoy Longer Evenings


One great perk about spring and daylight savings time is that there is more sunlight in the evenings.

Enjoy the natural lighting outside or indoors with your curtains open. Sunlight helps naturally reset your internal clock.






Being physically active is great for your health! Go for a walk or run outdoors during daylight where you are exposed to natural sunlight.

Visit a park - March 30th is Take A Walk In The Park Day, and it’s a great way to get outside and relax, especially after a busy work week.




Reduce Screen Time


Visit your local library. Most of our entertainment and learning (especially as adults) is done online or involves some type of screen, but when we go to the library, we are invited to slow down and explore.

You may rekindle a love for reading or discover a new genre that you enjoy!




Celebrate Women’s History Month


 Be sure to tell the women in your life how much you appreciate them, attend a women’s networking event, or donate to your local women’s shelter –

there are so many great ways to celebrate this month and empower women within our community. 




Volunteer at the Dalton Grand Prix Bike Race


We still need volunteers to help with the Dalton Grand Prix Bike Race on April 4th-5th. We need volunteers for various time slots on both days.

Saturday, April 4th, will be the circuit race at Dalton High School and Sunday, April 5th, will be the road race at Coahulla Creek High School.

This will be a great volunteer opportunity for students to get hours towards school awards and scholarships, or if you just want to be outside and work on your tan while helping others we won't judge!

If you're interested in volunteering click here.






March 22nd is Goof Off Day (it’s a Sunday too), if you’ve been waiting for a day to kick up your feet up and take it easy then this is a great day to pencil it in!


We’re in the final stretches of winter, but if you’re ready to move on and look ahead to spring, March brings with it the hope of a new, warmer season ahead.


Cheers to a great March friends! We hope you’re inspired to do something different and fun this month.