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Youth United Volunteer Day Recap


United Way's Youth United recently celebrated its first Volunteer Day of the year on President's Day, February 17th!


We had 25 students from local high schools that went to United Way Community Partner, Boys and Girls Club to volunteer time on their day off.

Youth United volunteers played four square and basketball with the kids in the gym, built lego creations with the younger kids, and participated in craft time!



The local Boys and Girls Club is a fun and safe environment for kids to go after school to spend time with friends, get help with homework, engage in physical activity, and have positive adult influences while their parents are at work.

On school breaks, many of the kids that normally attend the after school program still go to the Boys and Girls Club because their caretakers are at work. 

Having programs like Boys and Girls Club that are available not only after school but also on school breaks lines up with our strategic guideline of providing prevention services so that youth and adults can avoid risky behaviors. 



The kids at the Boys and Girls Club aren't the only ones who benefitted from the Volunteer Day. Our volunteers were also impacted by the interaction.

Our volunteers get the benefit of knowing that they helped others right here within their community!

 Volunteers also say how volunteering impacted them and created a desire to do more for their community. 


Are you or someone you know looking for more ways to get our youth more involved?

Contact to get more information about our Youth United Program! .