What Can Your Dollars Do?

$5 per week provides:

A week of summer camp for an underserved Boy Scout.

34 meals to the women and children residing in a domestic violence shelter.

One week of lodging for a homeless family.

One month of high-quality child care designed to get children ready for kindergarten. 


$10 per week provides:

Two scholarships for youth to participate in a week-long Summer Camp.

One child to attend a two week therapeutic camp for abused children.

Travel assistance for 52 patients with birth defects to visit a clinic.

Financial assistance for a family impacted by a local disaster, like a home fire or tornado.


$25 per week provides:

One week of service for a Boys and Girls Club member.

Eight families with utility assistance for one month.

Ten adaptive eyeglasses for those born with birth defects.

A month of gas for individuals with disabilities to be transported to work, volunteer or engage in the community.


$365 per year provides:

Advocacy services for four victims of sexual abuse in need of a forensic medical exam.

12 hearing screenings for early detection of hearing loss.

Six weeks of high-quality child care designed to get children ready for kindergarten.


$1,000 per year provides:

One month of treatment for one client seeking help for addiction.

One child with a mentor for one year.

One month of therapy for four sexually abused children.


$2,500 per year provides:

Five children with the opportunity to attend camp AIM, a two-week therapeutic camp for children who have been sexually abused.

Five months of speech and swallow therapy.  


$5,000 per year provides:

MRI rapid sequence of brain cells to six families who have a child born with a birth defect.

165 tutoring sessions for children who are being raised by their grandparents.

10 victims of domestic violence with rent assistance as they work to rebuild their life.


$7,500 per year provides:

A year of treatment for three individuals who battle a drug and alcohol addiction.

Supported employment services for an adult with developmental disabilities. 

High-quality childcare for a two-year-old designed to get children ready for kindergarten.


$10,000 per year provides:

A full year of after school service for 8 youth.

Transitional housing for one year for four families in a crisis situation.

Complete cycle therapy for 30 children victims of sexual abuse.