United Way's Focus on Basic Needs

Safe and Stable Homes


From Rocky Face to Dalton and Dalton to Chatsworth, we believe all communities should be safe, healthy, and thriving - no matter their zip code. United Way works to achieve this vision by strategically investing our donor dollars into proven local programs that provide greater access to basic needs and to help support a collaborative non-profit network to support our community. Many affordable multifamily housing developments in Whitfield County were built a number of years ago and, a number of them are in need of major rehabilitation. United Way had the unique opportunity to partner with the Dalton Housing Authority to fully renovate a triplex housing unit for up to 18 residents. This preserves affordable housing units in our local community. The renovation will increase the quality of life for the individuals and families that live in this low-income neighborhood.

Throughout the coming years, United Way plans to continue rehabbing additional housing units and buildings to help provide and create new affordable housing. This in turn will help low-income families build a pathway to economic stability. United Way will continue making an impact in this community for years to come.



Basic Needs Strategic Guideline: 

 United Way is Building Pathways to Economic Stability. Having economic stability allows people the ability to access resources essential to life, including financial resources, quality housing and food, and a job that provides a stable, living wage. That’s why United Way Unites the community around this common goal: All families reduce the long-term need for food, housing, and utility assistance through life skills education and financial counseling.

Thanks to your gift to United Way last year:

28,135 bed nights provided.

6,569 individuals were able to reduce their long-term need for food, housing, or utility assistance through life skills education and financial counseling.

Your gift will:

Provide shelter for families facing homelessness

Help those coping with disasters and house fires

Feed homebound elderly

Provide shelter and life skills for individuals rebuilding their lives after domestic abuse