United Way's Focus on Basic Needs

Meet Ricky!

Ricky never thought he would be a recipient of United Way services. When he was in a life-altering car accident, everything changed. After the car accident placed their lives on hold, Ricky and his family had to leave their home to find a place suitable to accommodate his wheelchair. Their new home had a pressboard ramp for wheelchair access in and out of the home. The pressboard ramp was very unsafe and difficult to get Ricky up and down without fear of falling or flipping backward.


Thanks to United Way and Community Partner, Habitat for Humanity, Ricky was able to get a new, safer wheelchair ramp. The addition of the ramp has helped Ricky’s health improve by allowing him to be able to go outside safely and spend quality time outdoors with his whole family. Ricky stated that he has been given a brand new life. Ricky said it was difficult to ask for help, but he is thankful for the help that United Way and Habitat for Humanity gave in his time of need.


United Way provides families, like Ricky’s, with proper housing and necessary home repairs to live full and active lives.



Basic Needs Strategic Guideline: 

  Reduce the long-term need for food, housing, and utility assistance through life skills education and financial counseling.

Thanks to your gift to United Way last year:

75 individuals were provided with life-altering repairs or improvements to their homes.

4,752 individuals were able to reduce their long-term need for food, housing, or utility assistance through life skills education and financial counseling.

Your gift will:

Provide shelter for families facing homelessness

Help those coping with disasters and house fires

Feed homebound elderly

Provide shelter and life skills for individuals rebuilding their lives after domestic abuse