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What Can Your Dollars Do?


$5 per week provides:

One girl from a family with limited resources to attend summer camp.

43 meals to women and children residing in a domestic violence shelter.

Utility assistance for a family

One month of high quality child care designed to get children ready for kindergarten


$10 per week provides:

Two scholarships for youth to participate in a week long Summer Camp.

One child to attend a two week therapeutic camp for abused children.

Travel assistance for 52 patients with birth defects to visit a clinic.

Food, housing, and treatment for three weeks for a person in recovery.


$25 per week provides:

Afterschool programming for a child for a year.

Eight families with utility assistance for one month.

Ten adaptive eyeglasses for those born with birth defects.


$365 per year provides:

Medical assessment and admission fee for one person seeking help for addiction.

Five therapy sessions for a child who has been a victim of sexual abuse.

12 hearing screenings for early detection of hearing loss.


$1,000 per year provides:

174 meals delivered to homebound elderly.

One child with a mentor for one year.

One month of therapy for a sexually abused child.


$2,500 per year provides:

Five months of speech and swallow therapy for individuals ranging from infant to the elderly

Residential treatment and medical assistance for one person in an addiction rehabilitation program.

An elderly individual one day a week at an adult daycare facility.


$5,000 per year provides:

Shelter for one family in a transitional housing program.

6,500 children with the opportunity to see the Kids on the Block puppet show and learn to recognize abuse.

Three hearing aids to patients suffering with hearing loss.


$7,500 per year provides:

12 months of adult day services for five individuals.

Six months of theraphy for seven children who have been sexually abused.

An individual with disabilities an internship experience to again future employment.


$10,000 per year provides:

One year of nutritious meals for six teenage mothers and their children who are in a group living environment

1,739 meals delivered to home bound elderly

Food and shelter to 50 families who have experienced a disaster, such as a house fire, for one day in a shelter