Become a Partner

Thank you for your interest in partnering with our United Way!


Please click here to download the Admissions Handbook.


The United Way of Northwest Georgia recognizes the constantly changing human service needs in the Northwest Georgia area.

To meet these constantly changing needs, an ongoing admissions process has been established.

A volunteer committee periodically reviews agency applications and selects agencies to be considered for admission.

Selected agencies are studied in depth to determine if United Way funding is appropriate.

This Admissions Information Handbook is designed to assist you in all aspects of applying for admission as a United Way partner.

It is to your benefit to review the enclosed information thoroughly before submitting your application.

This will insure an accurate understanding of your request and a timely response.

Before an agency can be considered for United Way support, it must meet

United Way Eligibility Requirements and Standards.


Please click here to download the United Way Eligibility Requirements and Standards.


These requirements were adopted by the United Way’s Board to ensure all admitted agencies meet minimum legal and organizational requirements.

If an agency does not meet the Eligibility Requirements, it cannot receive United Way support.

We request that prior to submitting an application for admission, you review the United Way Eligibility Requirements to verify that your agency is qualified to receive funding.


United Way Community Solution Charter

This charter assures partners deliver quality services to the community.

United Way volunteers ensure community contributions are utilized effectively and efficiently in support of United Way partners, grantees, and services. 


Please click here to download the United Way Community Solution Charter.