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Board of Directors


Board Chair: Kim Thames | Community Volunteer*

Tim Baucom | Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

Allen Bentley | Benbrook, Inc.*

Jeff Browne | Browne, Draper, and Land Financial Concepts

Bill Brueckner | Shaw Industries Group, Inc.*

Emily Finkell | Emily Morrow Home*

John Forrester | Hamilton Medical Center

Mike Fromm | Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

Tatum Hackney | Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

Landon Hair | Marketing Alliance Group

Bob Hardaway | Shaw Industries Group, Inc.*

Jim Hawkins | Community Volunteer*

Sandee Hooper | Community Volunteer

Ken Jackson | Shaw Industries Group, Inc.*

Debbie Macon | Community Volunteer

Deanna Mathis | Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

Matthew Moore | Shaw Industries Group, Inc.*

Brittany Pittman | Department of Community Affairs

Patti Renz | Community Volunteer

Micah Riggle | Mohawk Industries, Inc.

Pat Sain | Material Handling, Inc.

Mike Sanderson | Engineered Floors

Kenny Sheppard | Brown Industries, Inc.

Kim Thames | Community Volunteer*

Karen Townsend | Community Volunteer

Rod Wedemeier | Mohawk Industries, Inc.

Jamie Welborn | Mohawk Industries, Inc.

Denise Wood | City of Dalton

Joe Young | Engineered Floors*


*Executive Committee