Community Solutions Committee

DSC panel

Day Services for Children Panel

Gene Autry, Ann Bowen, Elizabeth Caperton, James Gordy, Jevin Jensen (Panel Chair), and Ron Johnson.

Mentoring Panel

Mentoring Services Panel

Mike Fromm, Tracy Clement, Julie Kirk, Merinda McGill, Bernice Mariney, Mary West, Kathi Reisz, Phillip Seeley (Panel Chair), Dani Brock, and Shanda Wein.

abuse panel

Abuse Prevention and Intervention Services Panel

Steve Bartoo (Panel Chair), Dawn Beard, James Dixon, Susan Farris, Carl J. Gabrini, Vivian Hair, Wendy Tieck, Jamie Upton, and Andrea Witherow.

SHN panel

Specific Health Needs Panel

Tracy Callahan, Keith Coffey, Jennifer Dean, Ruth Lee Hair (Panel Chair), Lori Hedden, Noey Higgins, Patty Mooney, Allison Oxford, Mark Rogers, and Nancy Vickery.

BN panel

Basic Needs Panel

Pam Ackerman, Judith Beasley, Lisa Hackney, Phenna Petty (Panel Chair), and Ty Sellers.

DSA Panel

Day Services for Adults Panel

Nathan Donahue, Candi Hampton, Russell Headrick (Panel Chair), Sandra Hewitt, Jim Keen, Heath Lee Ridley, Veronica Rollins, Jason Yarbrough.