Community Solutions Committee

Day Services for Children Panel

Phenna Petty (Panel Chair) - Community Volunteer

Leticia Casas - Mohawk Industries

Keith Coffey - Dalton Utilities

Lisa Hackney - Georgia Department of Education

Lori Hedden - Shaw Industries

Veronica Rollins - Shaw Industries

Sydney Sellers - Community Volunteer

Mentoring Services Panel

Elizabeth Caperton (Panel Chair) - Barrett Properties

Gene Autry - Community Volunteer

Winston Massengale - Shaw Industries

Lisleni Pace - Whitfield County Schools

Carol Rogers - Shaw Industries

Sadde Salaices - Carniceria Nacho / Infosys Consulting

Ty Sellers - Shaw Industries

Tyna Stevenson - Coldwell Banker Kinard Realty

Wendy Tieck - Shaw Industries

Vanessa Torres - Carniceria Nacho

Abuse Prevention and Intervention Services Panel

Ron Johnson (Panel Chair) - Shaw Industries

Judith Beasley - Community Volunteer

Sandra Hewitt - Shaw Industries

Julie Kirk - Shaw Industries

Merinda McGill - Engineered Floors

Eva M. Rodriguez Alicea - Shaw Industries

Chris Sain - Material Handling Inc.

Nancy Vickery - Shaw Industries

Dr. Stephani Womack - Greater Dalton Chamber


Specific Health Needs Panel

Candi Hampton (Panel Chair) - Shaw Industries

Ann Bowen - Community Volunteer

Dr. Mary Anne Fogle - Whitfield County Schools

Jamie Gentry - Shaw Industries

Keisha Lee - Shaw Industries

John Patterson - Material Handling Inc.

Kathi Reisz - Community Volunteer


Basic Needs Panel

Steve Bartoo (Panel Chair) - Dalton High School

Dawn Beard - Shaw Industries

Bill Brueckner - Shaw Industries

Nathan Donahue - Shaw Industries

Tatum Hackney - Shaw Industries

Jacob B. Mitchell - Coldwell Banker Kinard Realty

Phillip Seeley - Shaw Industries

Mary West - Shaw Industries

Jason Yarbrough - Shaw Industries


Day Services for Adults Panel

Carl J. Gabrini (Panel Chair) - Dalton State College

Kim Bobo - Engineered Floors

Tracy Callahan - Shaw Industries

Tracy Clement - Shaw Industries

James Gordy - Mohawk Industries

Shanda Wein - Shaw Industries