Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteerism and Custom Group Projects

The Volunteer Center provides streamlined event management to corporate partners with firsthand knowledge of community needs to ensure that employee volunteer time is used effectively and efficiently.

Email Hayley Poillucci to set up a project.



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Why Engage in Corporate Volunteering?


1) Improved Collaboration

Collaboration improves when people trust others more, and volunteer opportunities are a great way to strengthen trust.


2) Increased Self-Awareness

Greater self-awareness is not simply a feeling from a volunteer experience.

It directly affects decision-making, coordination, and conflict management.


3) Impact on Revenue

Providing volunteer opportunities goes far beyond feeling good.

Employees who participate in these programs often become more engaged in their daily work, and increased engagement directly impacts the bottom line.


4) Important to Younger Generations

It has been discovered roughly half of the millennial generation values things other than salary when searching for a new job, and opportunities for growth and development sit atop the list.

What does this mean for employers? Those who want to keep great millennial talent create ways to more fully engage them.