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Little Free Libraries


In 2018, United Way partnered with Brown Industries to design and manufacture 27 new Little Free Libraries in Dalton, Whitfield, and Murray. The existing Little Free Libraries were in need of replacement due to being weather-worn. Brown Industries saw the need for a Little Free Library that could withstand the elements. The new design and materials allow for better airflow inside and still stand up to the wind, rain, and snow. These "take a book, leave a book" structures are just big enough to hold 20-30 books, creating access to reading material across the community.

One of the unique concepts is that no one can steal the books because the books are "free"--freely given by neighbors from their own collections, used bookstores, authors, and others who love the sense of community that the Little Libraries create. The idea is to promote literacy and community-building by supporting book exchanges.

The purpose of these libraries is to provide a place where all readers in the community can share books throughout the year. Participants can leave books to share with others in the box and take a book they would like to read. Volunteers will check boxes to make sure there are always books available.

The United Way collection of Little Free Libraries will be pinned to the national map,, by GPS coordinates. United Way’s website,, will also pin each site to a map.


United Way Little Free Library Sites



VD Parrott Junior Park
Civitan Park (Harlan Godfrey Park)
Heritage Point Park
Carpet City Rotary Park
Joan Lewis Park
Brookwood Park
Mt. Rachel
Al Rollins Park
Mack Gaston Community Center
Otis Cook Memorial Tree Park, 800 Parkway Drive
Dalton Green in downtown Dalton
James Brown Park
Lakeshore Park
Veterans Park - located at the intersection of Mitchell Street and Veterans Avenue


Whitfield County

Edwards Park
Westside Park – Miracle League Field
Tunnel Hill Park (Harry Griffin Park)
Valley Point Park - Note: Due to school construction, the Little Free Library has been removed and will be replaced after construction has finished.
Varnell Park
Pleasant Grove Park
Dawnville Community Park
Dug Gap Elementary School - Note: The Little Free Library has been removed and will be relocated soon.



Murray County Veterans Memorial Park
Chatsworth City Park


Murray County

Murray County Recreation Department
Petty-Fairy Valley Park