Peacock Legacy Society

What is the Peacock Legacy Society?


United Way of Northwest Georgia’s Peacock Legacy Society honors those who make the extraordinary decision to invest in the future of our community through a planned gift to United Way, as well as outright gifts to our endowment.

The peacock is an iconic symbol of our community’s heritage. Our history stems from people lining Highway 41 from Tennessee south, through Dalton, to Adairsville to sell chenille bedspreads, full of color and proudly displayed, like a peacock displays its feathers. Many of the popular designs at the time featured the image of a peacock, giving rise to the nickname Peacock Alley.& The chenille bedspread industry laid the groundwork that launched the carpet industry which secured Greater Dalton as the epicenter of the floor covering industry and created a vibrant community and a culture of giving.

The entrepreneurial spirit that launched the industry also ignited a calling for philanthropy and volunteerism. Entrepreneurs, community leaders, and corporate partners have risen to the occasion and are taking a vital leadership role.; To embark on this journey, we held the Peacock Palooza in September of 2015 and announced pledges from four partners totaling $2 million in permanent capital for our endowment. Thank you to Engineered Floors, Mohawk Industries, Shaw Industries, and Julian Saul Family and Linda Schejola Family for your leadership.

Ways to Leave a Legacy


Outright Gift 
can be made at any time during your life or over a period of time.


made by designating the “United Way of Northwest Georgia”  as beneficiary of a specific amount
or percentage of your residual estate under your will or trust.


Gift of Retirement Assets
made my designating the “United Way of Northwest Georgia” as beneficiary of your 401(k), 403(b),
or other qualified retirement asset.


Life Insurance 
made by designating the “United Way of Northwest Georgia” as beneficiary of your policy. United Way can work with you and your financial advisor to plan your legacy. We hope you will join us in improving lives for generations.



There is a role that each of us can play in securing our legacy and the future success of our community through United Way. No other organization is better equipped to meet the needs in an efficient and effective manner.

Your planned gift to United Way of Northwest Georgia will help not only ensure that your children, their children, and your family will live in a vibrant healthy community for years to come, but that those in need will as well. United Way of Northwest Georgia’s friends who have made planned gifts are honored and recognized annually and in perpetuity for their thoughtful, long-lasting gifts.

Alexis de Tocqueville members have the option to endow their annual gift of $10,000 or more in perpetuity with a gift of $250,000 or more.