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Seeing the Daily Impact of United Way

Every person, I believe, wants to make a difference in his or her community. But where does one begin? How does one go about giving back for a life they have been richly blessed with? For me, that journey started seven years ago, arriving in Dalton, Georgia, from the Chicago, Illinois area.


As a teenager, I heard a quote from Ronald Reagan. He stated, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”


2020 Vision




2020 Vision represents being able to see clearly, and here at United Way of Northwest Georgia we want to provide clarity for what we do in our community.

Meet Gracie



On paper, Gracie is an average 15-year-old.

She plays softball, basketball, and lacrosse at Dalton High School and has a fun and energetic personality. Everything appears as it should, however, Gracie’s mother, Marrianne, noticed very early on that Gracie had difficulty learning.

Kaitlyn's Story



Kaitlyn is a single mother of two who was referred to United Way Community Partner, Salvation Army, by the Family Crisis Center, another United Way Community Partner, after escaping from an abusive relationship.

It's the Best Time of Year for Most

During this holiday season of giving and all the hustle and bustle, we can sometimes forget that not everyone has something to celebrate.

The holidays can be an unwelcome reminder to many of what they have lost, but here at United Way we help individuals and families see hope for a better tomorrow. 

At United Way, we are in the business of building better futures, not just during the holiday season, but 365 days a year.