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Community Solutions

Over 50 Community Solutions Volunteers regularly assess the most urgent needs and set priorities for action. United Way has the capacity and experience to see long-term trends, identify and respond to emerging issues, and put resources in place for optimum results.

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Basic Needs Panel

From Left to Right: David Hungerpiller (Panel Chair), Lori Hedden, Jevin Jensen, Merinda McGill, Veronica Rollins, Carolyn Roan,
Bill Brueckner, Nancy Vickery, Gene Autry
Not Pictured: Dennis Hart, Ron Johnson


Mentoring Services Panel

From Left to Right: Alan Hundley, Russell Headrick (Panel Chair), Stephanie Yarbrough, Bill Brueckner, Dawn Beard, Jim Keen, Carl Gabrini, Andrea Witherow, Dean Stamper, Tammy Crutchfield, Steve Bartoo
Not Pictured: Mark Rogers

Day Services for Adults Panel



From Left to Right: Kevin Nolan, Mike Brigman, John Cowart, Judy McCamy, Bill Brueckner, Dale Davis, Kathy Reisz, Ruth Lee Hair (Panel Chair)
Not Pictured: Nancy Vickery


Day Services for Children Panel


Left to Right: Bill Brueckner, Sandra Hewitt, Landon Hair, Kim Thames (United Way Board Chair), David Wilkerson (Panel Chair)
Not Pictured: Susan Chandler, Candi Hampton, Julie Kirk, Philip Seeley

Specific Health Needs Panel



From Left to Right: Wendy Tieck, Kiran Patterson, Connot Livingston, Pam Ackerman, James Gordy, Bill Brueckner, Judy Beasley, Ty Sellers, and Phena Petty (Panel Chair)


Abuse Prevention and Intervention Services Panel 


From Left to Right: James Dixon, Mike Fromm, Bill Brueckner, Nathan Donahue, Ann Bowen, Susan Chandler (Day Services for Children), Tatum Hackney, Elizabeth Caperton, James Hammonds, and Jennifer Dean
Not Pictured:  Chris Sirmans