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United Way's Focus on Basic Needs

Meet Olivia!


Abandoned at age 14 by her mother, Olivia fell into a lifestyle of addiction.

She’d never been shown that another way of life was possible. With addiction being all that she had seen, she soon found herself following the same pattern.

After a long and rough journey, Olivia found hope through United Way. She was offered an invitation to go to drug court and she accepted it. 

The program lead her to Pathway of Hope, a program that aims to break the cycle of generational poverty through counseling, budgeting, and planning.

She has now gained financial stability and is working to improve her financial situation by attending school and advancing her career.

Her children have improved academically and emotionally since Olivia has been in the program. They attended summer camp at The Salvation Army.

Olivia says that the program has helped her more than just financially. She has received emotional support and encouragement.

She says its like she has gained a loving and caring extended family


United Way stabilizes families in crisis by supporting programs in basic needs.
A gift of $25 per week to United Way will provide one month of utilities for eight families.


Thanks to your gift to United Way last year:

5,734 individuals were able to reduce their long-term need for food, housing, or utility assistance through life skills education and financial counseling

35 individuals were provided with repairs or improvements to their home

Give today and change lives


Basic Needs Strategic Guideline:

  Reduce the long term need for food, housing, and utility assistance through life skills education and financial counseling.


Your gift will:

Provide shelter for families facing homelessness

Help those coping with disasters and house fires

Feed homebound elderly

Provide shelter and life skills for individuals rebuilding their lives after domestic abuse