United Way's Focus on Basic Needs

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United Way stabilizes families in crisis by supporting programs in basic needs.

Meet J.D.

J.D., a veteran and former small business owner, shares his story:

“I was in the Marines and traveled to Africa, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, all over. I grew up in Dalton and came back after the Marines. I got a degree in Marketing Management at Dalton Junior College. I owned a small business for several decades with my dad and then was a truck driver. I had to leave that job and care for my mother when she got sick.”

“I took care of my mom for 13 years. When my dad and wife became sick, I took care of them as well. Mom and dad both received Meals on Wheels assistance. They all three passed away within a few years of each other. Now, I receive Meals on Wheels. I am thankful for the volunteers who deliver a hot meal. It’s nice to see them. They come in and visit with me and bring my newspaper.”

“I look forward to seeing the volunteer who brings my meal. It helps the day go by since I don’t get out of the house much. It’s something I really enjoy and am very thankful for.”

A gift of $25 per week to United Way supplies 225 meals for homebound elderly.
Thanks to your gift to United Way last year:
• 2,428 people were provided with programming designed to reduce their long-term need for food,
housing, and utility assistance.
• 70,000 meals were delivered to home-bound elderly.

Give today and change lives at ourunitedway.org/give.

Basic Needs Strategic GuidelineReduce the long term need for food, housing, and utility assistance through life skills education and financial counseling.


  • Provide shelter for families facing homelessness
  • Help those coping with disasters and house fires
  • Feed homebound elderly
  • Provide shelter and life skills for individuals rebuilding their lives after domestic abuse