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United Way stabilizes families in crisis by supporting programs in health.

Meet Sherry

Sherry suffered a stoke in 2009 that left her homebound. Her son, Brandon Amos, is a sergeant at the Murray County Sheriff’s Office and he helps take care of his mom.
A string of bad storms in the spring of 2017 weakened a tree near Sherry’s home, causing the tree to fall on the home, severely damaging the roof. Brandon was not sure how they would repair his mom’s home so that she could safely remain independent. She is on a fixed income and would need assistance to make the necessary repairs.
A co-worker of Brandon’s reached out to United Way Community Partner, Salvation Army, about receiving assistance with the roof. Brandon and Sherry were both relieved when United Way and Salvation Army worked together to repair Sherry’s home. Today, she is happily able to remain safe in her home.
Sherry said, “I am so thankful to United Way for fixing my roof. I don’t know what I would have done without their help.”

A gift of $25 per week to United Way supplies 225 meals for homebound elderly.

Thanks to your gift to United Way last year:
• 300 elderly and home-bound individuals received services so they could stay safe in their own homes
• 70,533 meals were delivered to home-bound elderly

Give today and change lives at ourunitedway.org/give.

Health Strategic GuidelineSupport prevention services so youth and adults are healthy and avoid risky behaviors. 


  • Supply children with hearing, vision, and dental screenings
  • Help individuals receive residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction 
  • Give children born with birth defects access to lifesaving medical care
  • Provide care for elderly and disabled individuals