United Way's Focus on Health

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Health Strategic Guideline: Support prevention services so youth and adults are healthy and avoid risky behaviors.


  • Assist children with birth defects and those needing speech and hearing services.
  • Support adults with physical and mental disabilities.
  • Provide a safe, enriching environment for the elderly so their family members can work.
  • Support families battling dementia.
  • Provide counseling for victims of sexual abuse and drug addiction.

United Way provides independence for the elderly and people with special needs. 

Thanks to your gift to United Way last year, 885 individuals who are elderly or have developmental disabilities received nursing care, meals, or job support to help make their day brighter.

Your gift to United Way allows Samantha to actively engage in her community and have a meaningful day. Samantha has attended the Murray County Developmental Center for a little over three years. When she was in school, she would not talk with other students or her teachers. At Murray County Developmental Center, she started to bond with one of the supervisors and an instructor. Samantha then began to make connections with other staff members as well as peers. She now interacts with peers, all staff, as well as visitors.