World Mental Health Day


Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. World Mental Health Day is October 10th. World Mental Health Day is an international day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. This day, each October, thousands of supporters come to celebrate this annual awareness program to bring attention to mental illness and its major effects on peoples' lives worldwide. United Way of Northwest Georgia is joining the movement to raise awareness about mental health. Each year we fight stigma, provide support, educate the public, and advocate for policies that support people with mental illness and their families.

5 Ways You Can Help Protect and Improve Your Mental Health

1. Put yourself first. Treat yourself as kindly as you would treat others. Make time for the things you love to do.

2. Take care of your body. Good nutrition and physical activity can go a long way to protecting and improving mental health.

3. Keep good company. A strong familial or social network predicts good mental health. Make plans with others – even if you need to wear a mask and keep a physical distance – and make new friends through activities you enjoy.

4. Set some goals. Make them modest and manageable and enjoy the mental boost as you accomplish them.

5. Mix it up. Routines are good for efficiency and feeling secure, but trying a new bike path, hobby or project is good for our brains.

Did you know you can do all these things at once? How? Volunteer your time and energy to help someone else. Research suggests that volunteers aren’t just helping the communities they serve. People who volunteer experience a boost in their mental health. You'll feel good – mentally and physically – and odds are you will enjoy your fellow volunteers, who have chosen to serve for the same reasons. Our United Way can help you find the right volunteer opportunity for you. Visit the link below to find local volunteer opportunities:

No one should feel alone or without the information, support, and help they need. Together, we can realize our shared vision of a community where anyone affected by mental illness can get the appropriate support and quality of care to live healthy, fulfilling lives — a community where no one feels alone in their struggle. 

United Way of Northwest Georgia encourages the Northwest Georgia community to join us in this critical effort so we can help those in our community who are struggling. Together, we are fighting the stigma, providing support, and advocating for those battling mental illness!

United Way Community Partners, Carter Hope Center, Cross Plains Community Partner, Murray County Developmental Center, and RossWoods Adult Day Services specialize in mental health services. To see a full list of our Community Partners, click here.