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10 Activities for the Longest Day of the Year

The first day of summer is right around the corner! The Summer Solstice, otherwise known as the Longest Day of the Year, is on June 20th this year, which means the return of longer, sunnier evenings!

In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the day with the most hours of sunlight in the year. Georgia will have 14 hours of sunlight to enjoy, so take advantage of the extra hours by getting out and making memories!


Looking for something fun to do for the Longest Day of the Year? 

We have several ideas to help you get in as much as possible on this long day. 


Check out these fun activities!!


10 Activities for the Longest Day of the Year



1. Watch the sunrise


Wake up naturally with the sun to start your day off right.


2. Get Outside


As a celebration of the longest day, it makes sense to spend some time outdoors soaking in the sun.

Plan a picnic, hiking excursion, a day at the lake, or an afternoon in the sun enjoying a garden. Better yet, plan a weekend campout to unplug and reconnect with nature!


3. Visit a Local Farm/Farmer’s Market


Acknowledge the gifts of the harvest by exploring a local market. Bring home fresh organic produce for you and your family to enjoy.

Visit the Downtown Dalton Farmers Market, an open-air market in Downtown Dalton at Dalton Green Park on the corner of Thornton Avenue and Waugh Street.

Saturdays: June - October, 8 am - 2 pm. Tuesdays: June - September, 10 am - 3 pm.


4. Play an Outdoor Game


Outdoor games like kickball, cornhole, or tag are great ways to stay active while having fun!

They can also get the whole family involved!


5. Eat Lunch Outside


Grab lunch outside on a patio or head out to the park for a picnic with friends to enjoy the sunshine.

This is a great way to break up your day with fresh air if you work indoors all day.


6. Ride Your Bike or Walk to Work


Switching up your method of transportation from four wheels to two or your own feet is a great way to stay active throughout the day and bring energy with you to work.


7. Go fishing – Or Golfing


Whatever it is that you enjoy doing most. A day out in the sun and fresh air will do a lot of good!


8. Learn More about Summer Solstice


Learn how other cultures celebrate the summer solstice and embrace a new tradition.


9. Have a Sunset Dinner


Invite over a few close friends and enjoy good food and great fellowship outdoors.

Be sure to gather a blanket to watch the sunset at the conclusion of the longest day.


10. Give Back


Spend time focusing your thoughts on gratitude. Then find a local organization and volunteer your time. Serving others is one of the greatest ways to show appreciation and give back!

You can find volunteer opportunities at United Way of Northwest Georgia’s volunteer website:

or by contacting United Way of Northwest Georgia’s Volunteer Center Coordinator, Summer Mosteller




There are many ways you can celebrate the Longest Day of the Year. Create a Longest Day of the Year celebration that is meaningful for you and your family.

Whatever you decide to do, take lots of pictures and share your memories with us by tagging @unitedwaynwga!

Enjoy the first day of summer!