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Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother’s Day. During these unprecedented times, I think we could all use a reason to celebrate the amazing women in our lives!

For many moms, these times have been even more challenging as they have taken on new roles - homeschooling their children, tending to daily household tasks, and for many mothers, also working from home.

The days are long, but the reward is long-lasting! To all the moms who are doing their best to love and nurture their children in ways we never imagined, we salute you.

You are doing a great job!


There are some other heroes within our community that have also had to really step up in a really big way during this pandemic… our teachers! 

As a working mother to three teenagers, I realized very quickly my appreciation for all that teachers do for our community.

Their influence and dedication to our children and investment in future generations is second to none. 


This past week (May 4th-8th) was Teacher Appreciation Week, and I believe we can all do something to show our appreciation to a teacher for all they do within our community.

Whether it is simply sharing a kind email thanking them for all they do or virtually sending them a gift card for a coffee to give them an extra boost, every small act of kindness makes a huge difference.

For many teachers, this experience has been uniquely difficult because they did not get a chance to say goodbye to their students.

Showing that we care and appreciate them reminds them of why they do what they do: they sincerely love our children.

As a mother, it means so much to me to know my children are in such good hands.   


Meet Dena.

Dena is a young mother who is determined to make a better life for her family.

Thanks to United Way, her daughter began attending Whitfield-Dalton Daycare when she was one.

Dena had just secured a job and wanted desperately to move up in the organization.

Having reliable daycare for her daughter, Dena was able to focus on her job and advance in her company.

Dena recently started classes at Georgia Northwestern Technical College to earn a business degree. 

She wants to set a great example for her children that hard work and education are important.

Dena is grateful to have child care so she can continue improving the quality of life for her family.


United Way provides young mothers like Dena with high-quality child care so she can continue her education and reach her goals.

At United Way, we are proud to support educators, schools, and mothers so that individuals and families in our community can thrive.

  A thriving community begins at home.


With all that is going on around us, I encourage us to intentionally thank the moms and teachers in our lives.

Whether it’s with a handwritten note, an encouraging Facebook message, or even a short video thanking them for all they do, we know that we wouldn’t be who we are today without their love and encouragement!

Happy Mother’s Day – and thank you to our educators!   


Live United!

Amanda Burt is the President of United Way of Northwest Georgia. The mission of United Way is Improving Lives, Inspiring Donors, Uniting Community.


This article was featured in Daily Citizen News on Sunday, May 10, 2020.