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2020 Vision




2020 Vision represents being able to see clearly, and here at United Way of Northwest Georgia we want to provide clarity for what we do in our community.


Many within our community don't know exactly what it is that we do so we wanted to take the opportunity this year to create a series of videos and graphics that explain some of our different facets.


We will be discussing topics such as:


"What is Community Solutions?",

"How is the money allocated to United Way Community Partners?",

"What are the benefits of joining a Giving Society?",

"Why should I volunteer with United Way?",

"How is United Way governed?",

and much more!


We're in the Business of Building Better Futures RIGHT HERE in Whitfield and Murray Counties.

You can be a part of impacting 55,000+ lives in your local community.


Have a specific question that you've been wanting to ask?

Send us a question to and we will gladly answer it.

Who knows it may be featured in a video!